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Catering Menu

Capt. John's Fried Chicken
Chicken sold in even parts of 4 only 1 breast, 1 thigh, 1 leg, 1 wing

Capt. John's Crab Legs
5 pounds....$49.00
30 pound box....$259.00
Box price is run out of the box. This means there may be some broken pieces and whole clusters.

Capt. John's Steamed Shrimp
Med Shell on Shrimp 36-40 ct
1 pound....$9.95
5 pound...$39.00
Large Shell Shrimp 16-20 ct
1 pound....$13.90
5 pound....$59.00

Capt. John's Crab Balls
25 balls....$34.95
50 balls....$59.00

Capt. John's Fried Oysters
25 oysters....$34.99
50 oysters....$68.99

Hot Wings or Plain fried
25 wings....$29.95 50
wings....$55.00 100

Capt. John's Premium Crab
Premium Crab Cake Casserole Made with 5 lb of lump colossal crab meat. Large lumps just like our premium Crab Cake. This is a premium quality dish $119.00 serves 8-10

Fried Fish
10lbs Tilapia fillets fried....$59.00

Italian Meatballs red pasta sauce
5 lbs....$35.00

Soup by the Quart
Cream of Crab....$14.95
Clam Chowder....$10.99
Home Made Chili....$8.99
Maryland Crab....$10.99

Capt. John's Sides
1 gallon potato salad....$24.00
1 gallon cole slaw....$24.00
1 gallon or green beans....$15.00
5 lb fresh steamed green beans....$18.95
2.5 lb bag Hush Puppies....$6.99

Cocktail sauce pint....$3.00
Tartar sauce....$3.00
Honey Butter ind cups (20 ct)....$3.00
Melted butter pint....$3.00

Any item on our menu can be ordered in catering size. Please ask for a custom quote.

Food Safety Notice All food should be consumed or refrigerated within 2 hours. Reheat left overs to at least 165 degrees.

Private Parties Let us host your private party in our private dining room upstairs or down stairs in our main dining room. We can customize it to meet your needs and budget. For more info please call: 301-259-2315 and speak with Jennifer, Paula, or Skip or email us at Please allow at least 24 hours notice. 1 week if you can is preferred for special orders.

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